* Heard about retreats & not sure what they are?

* Are they worth the spend?
* How is it different to a holiday?
* What if I can't get away right now? 
* What if I don't like group work?
* Retreats seem too expensive for me

How can you take time off?
How do you handle your inner objections?
How do you give yourself permission to do something that will change your life!

Come walk this path with me,


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Create time and space to sit with yourself, DISCONNECT and reclaim your sense of self     #whataboutme

What's the NUDGE?

Give yourself permission to feel the nudges in life begging for some airtime.      #embracethegap

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What Clients are Saying...

Kate runs a variety of 1:1 bespoke or group retreats throughout the year. She also teams up with trusted co-facilitators to offer experiences. Often run in unique idyllic locations that set the scene for deep immersion and powerful shifts., you will be sure to find something unique to suit your needs. 

I would definitely recommend this retreat and say it is a great opportunity for you to take a good look at your life and learn how to change things you want to and build on your strengths. Great place to learn how to detach from emotional baggage. Tracey F – Business Owner. 

I totally enjoyed the retreat time away, the new friendships that were formed, the sincere and vulnerable sharing of each of the women, in each task or exercise, and the relaxed atmosphere in which we could unpack and deal with our ‘stuff’.

I have taken time to respond to you, as I wanted to see if the SHIFT was real, and I can say it was! I am feeling lighter, haven’t had to revisit some of the stuff that I got rid of, have started walking again and become more conscious of what I am eating, I have also continued the ‘letting go’ from the exercise we did on the Sunday morning – and feeling frikken fantastic. In fact it truly changed my headspace. Debbie Botha- owner CORE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

It's very hard to isolate any one thing because I loved it all. So it would have to be the synchronicity of all the processes and how they were woven together with just the right amount of inactivity punctuated with the glorious mealtimes. Lynda Jaros

I love the balance between the technical skills of writing and the softer aspects of just being in the most idyllic island and having fun. Sarah’s knowledge of the technical skills of what makes a story and a good mix well with Kate’s feel for the flow of energy, the blockages and what we needed to release for our creative process to work. Vanessa Francis 2017

I reflected on my life and it gave me a vision, a confidence in myself. It exceeded all my expectations, and more. It will have a special place in my life always. I will always remember Lesvos. Thank you Kate and Sarah. You changed my life. I think so differently, not just about the writing. – Theresa Kapp

If you are grappling with uncertainties in life (who isn’t!!) and looking for some direction and focus I think this is a wonderful way to kick start the process. The time away out of the daily chaos to focus on what’s important to me and the inspiration from some wonderful woman. Also an opportunity to be very thankful for my life. Lesley H

 I have never felt so invigorated, light and spiritually full as i do after this last weekend! I loved everything and it came at the right time; it was massively healing for me on so many levels; the program was just awesome! The people were amazing! Loved the many, many nuggets of info and processes and tools that were shared. I most definitely recommend this retreat to absolutely everyone! Such a blessing and such a treat to mindfully take time out for myself with Kate and Venetia. I have already implemented some of the tips and tools from the weekend and the change has been mind blowing! My spot is definitely booked for next year and i can't wait for the next one! Thank you Kate & Ven for sharing your expertise & your beautiful selves with us all at the retreat. Nicole Philipps

Absolutely recommend this! I would say it was not only inspiring but thought-provoking; and simply a safe place for woman to share and grow through “letting go”. Fabulous facilitators and practical tools to get you started! All the shared information and tools – I found it helpful, insightful and thought provoking! Joanne Foster